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Eco Rest House - An excellent Accommodation facility

In Tanshikar Rest House a guest can feel a real silence, bird moving around and their behavior in nature which is health injecting. Tanshikar's Spice Farm & Ecological Rest provid an excellent Accommodation facility. The Ecological Rest House is equipped with spacious Villas and Tents. Villas Walls, floors, verandahs have been constructed purely in MUD. This gives the Heat Insulation effect. The villas remain cool in summer and warm in winter.

All Villas are amidst trees and flowers. Also the Eco Villas are near to the famous Budbud Tali. One more advantage of Mud Villas are the floors of villas which is build in mud work like shock absorber or cushion for human body. When guest sit in the balcony on mud build Sofa, he gets excellent view of our spice plantation. One more unique thing of our villas is we have different verity of plants which works as mosquito replant.

Tanshikar's Resthouse:Pictures