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Tanshikar Spice Farm Culinary Cookery Classes

Many guests visit Tanshikar spice farm to understand how different types of spices grows organically and also tests testy food at our place and after having very good feed back we decided to start cookery classes so that guests who wish to learn cooking can learn and at same time use our fresh spices from farm and cook for themselves.

We are going to focus mainly on vegetarian dishes because Indian vegetarian dishes is like heaven of vegetarian people.

We will also provide our guests recipe of different dishes.

Classes will be held according to bookings for two hours from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.Besides that we have staying facility for our guests. You can visit our eco cottage page.

If guests stay in our eco cottage after attending cooking class next day after break fast either they can visit our spice plantation or we can arrange water fall treak in Netravali wild life park which will be complementary.

For pries you can mail and we will be happy to get back you.

Dishes name which you are going to learn. You can choose three dishes from below.We are going to focus mainly on traditional vegetarian dishes which are more healthy. we also going to explain guests health reason behind it.

► Narli bhat ( rice prepared with using coconut and Jaggery)
► Cucumber cake
► Goan dal
► Kidney beans gravy.(Alsando ros)
► Lady finger vegetable (Okra vegetable)
► Potato fry chips
► Sprouted moong beans gravy.
► Chapati
► Pineapple curry
► Red spinach vegetable.

For example health reason of eating sprouted moong beans gravy is
► more iron contents
► contain vitamin K, C, B
► Low in calories, have fiber
► Quite useful in getting rid of addictions because these suited to drug addicted people.
► They are easily digestible and provide quick energy.